Thursday, 26 May 2016

Black holes

Lions- No escape

WALT- form questions based on what we have read.
WALT- research our own answers

Task- Write down 5 questions that have popped up for you as you are reading.
Write them here and research the answers. Explain the answer as well as you can.

1who first discovered a black hole ?
Albert Einstein first predicted a black hole
With his general theory of  relativity.

2Are black holes flat?
Black holes are actually 4D but you see drawings that are only 2D that is.Because humans
have not yet discovered how to draw 4D on a piece of paper.

3Whats inside a black hole?
No one has ever seen inside a black hole.

4what does a black hole look like?
If you were to look at a black hole it would be black.

5If you can't see it how do you know it's there?
It's black but there will be a big black circle that has nothing there.

I put this blog on because it tells a lot about black holes and I learnt heaps about  black holes and they are pretty danger's because they have very very strong gravity and they can suck you in.




Pangolin's, also known as scaly anteaters are small animals. Most of them are very scaly which is a good thing because when predators try to eat them their tough skin protects them.They have a very long tail that helps them hang from trees.A long nose pops out from the face of the Pangolin which helps them eat ants.
Habitat:Pangolin live in flooded forests and grasslands and some also live in the sivana. Pangolin live in China  Uganda Zambia and many other places.Pangolin make burrows to keep them safe but their burrows often get squashed by elephants, water buffalo and more.

They get  bugs with their long pink tongue. Pangolin's demolish nests of bugs with their long claws. They sleep in their burrows and they hang from trees.

Ants termites Pangolin eat them all pangolin diet is pretty simple they just basicly eat bugs like all kinds of ants and termites.

I put this post on because I think I did good writing and I used some cool words like demolish and I think thats a cool word.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Hi my name is Amos I am in Rimu21a. I like soccer and my favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I play for Maycenvale. I am a year 6 student and I like the learning tasks in this room because they are fun. I try to work hard to get green cards. I like Parkvale because I have good friends like Oscar W,Brayden S, Cameron B, Rory C, Tyler J, and Mitchell T. My teacher is Mrs Love, Mr M and Mrs Carr. They are helpful and cool.