Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hunt for the wilder people

This is my writing it is about Hunt for the Wilder People. I worked really hard on it, I am very pleased with what I have done. I like it - do you? Enjoy!!!               

        PEOPLE FUNERAL!!          
You know sometimes in life it seems like there's no way out. Like a sheep trapped in a maze designed by wolves. But you know if you're ever in that situation there is always two doors to choose from. There is one door where there's all the yummiest treats you can think of Fanta , Doritos , L&P , Burger Rings , Coke Zero. But there is another door.

Can anybody guess what is behind that door………Vegetables……No no not vegeta no no not Vegetables. Anybody else……Jesus! No not Jesus. I thought it was Jesus when I first came across that door but that's another door. Can anybody guess what's behind that door……Jesus! YES YES Jesus. Hes tricky like that Jesus.

So let's pray to Jesus so he can help us get through those doors with your yummy confectionary take it away maam. Ricky and Heck storm out the room.


Thursday, 10 November 2016

My Maths

This is my maths task.I explained the problem 46 x 4 =184. I did it with Paris. I did double and double Paris did doubles and halves.

 My Example

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

P.E !!!!!

Hi guys we have been doing a lot of Athletics practice for P.E. We have to do rotations so we have to do a different event of Athletics every P.E . P.E  is so fun. Last P.E I did relay racing. Oscar was my buddy ,we had a bright green baton. So we practised how to hand the baton while we were running and at last the final race two buddies had to join to make one group. In my group I had me, Oscar W, Tyler J and last but not least Cameron. Mrs Love said "go" and Cam sprinted really fast. He gave the baton to me ,I ran fast but not fast enough to get us a good lead,but luckily I handed it to Tyler and he went even faster but the others were still on his tail.He handed the baton to Oscar, Oscar and Rory were on the final stretch it was so intense but just at the end Oscar went really fast and we just took the lead. So we came out with the big W.

This is me running with the bright green baton.

My Art

 Hi Guys!!This is my art I really stretched the learning muscle perseverance because I kept on getting things wrong and having to rub them out.But I persevered and finally got it done. My favourite bit is the four snakes. Hope you like it because I do.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


                                MY MATHS

Hi guys. Today I will be telling you about what I was learning in stage 6. We were learning  about subtraction and the different strategies to work them out. My favourite strategy is Equal Addition I will show you some examples.ENJOY!!

                    125 - 16                      405 - 136
           +4       +4                   +64       +64
             129  -   20 =109               469   -   200 =269

I also  practised place value here are some more examples!

                                             136 - 17

             136 - 10 = 126       126 - 6 =120   120 - 1 = 119


                              1000 - 654
  1000 - 600 = 400    400 - 50 = 350    350 - 4 = 346