Tuesday, 8 November 2016

P.E !!!!!

Hi guys we have been doing a lot of Athletics practice for P.E. We have to do rotations so we have to do a different event of Athletics every P.E . P.E  is so fun. Last P.E I did relay racing. Oscar was my buddy ,we had a bright green baton. So we practised how to hand the baton while we were running and at last the final race two buddies had to join to make one group. In my group I had me, Oscar W, Tyler J and last but not least Cameron. Mrs Love said "go" and Cam sprinted really fast. He gave the baton to me ,I ran fast but not fast enough to get us a good lead,but luckily I handed it to Tyler and he went even faster but the others were still on his tail.He handed the baton to Oscar, Oscar and Rory were on the final stretch it was so intense but just at the end Oscar went really fast and we just took the lead. So we came out with the big W.

This is me running with the bright green baton.


  1. Well done amos that is a good blog post. I like how you didn't just say that they ran you said that they gave me the baton.
    Well Done :)

  2. Cool Amos! You described that so well and it was a close race. I like how you included most of
    what happen and it was heaps of fun. My favourite part was the big race because it was really intense
    and was really close.
    Keep Up The Great Work! :)

  3. Well done Amos. Love the vocab and the explaining muscle I saw you running as hard as you can. I like how you did not just put boring words in you did good words and made a picture in my head. Keep it up Amos.

  4. Nice blog post Amos I really like how you described the final race and what we worked on.It was really close between Oscar and Rory.
    Keep up the great work and you will make it to funday!

  5. Wow Amos it was a very close Race. I like how you described it well

  6. I like your p.e blog post Amos and I like the ruining amos.